‘If there’s anything I regret, it’s probably going after Joe Rogan’

UFC welterweight Colby Covington and longtime UFC commentating veteran Joe Rogan recently entered an unorthodox exchange. Joe Rogan first commentated on Colby Covington’s trash-talk concerning Jon Jones.

On his podcast, Rogan claimed Covington should be careful trash-talking Jon Jones because Jon Jones might one day slap him for it. Colby Covington retaliated after hearing the news by claiming that he would maybe slap Joe Rogan for trash-talking him.

Speaking with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani, Covington has since come forward with an “unformal apology.”

“I live with no regrets. I don’t think I’ve said anything that’s crossed the line. If I’ve said anything that’s wrong, probably going after Joe Rogan. I didn’t really mean to attack Joe Rogan. He’s gonna get a pass because I got a title fight and a lot of money to make.”

“If there’s anything I regret, there’s one thing, it’s probably going after Joe Rogan.”

“That is an unformal apology. I was just thinking, my good friend Cameron Hanes, who’s friends with Joe Rogan. It wasn’t a smart move, I let my emotions get the best of me, and usually, I have no emotions and I’m not emotional, but I take back what I said about Joe Rogan.”

“No, I’m not gonna slap him, we’re gonna be cool. Hopefully, we go on a hunting trip with Cam Hanes together, and hopefully, we can play the video game together or something.”

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