Joe Rogan Assesses CM Punk’s Fighting Skills Following UFC 225 Performance

Former WWE superstar CM Punk made his big octagon return back at UFC 225. Following his devastating unanimous decision loss, longtime UFC commentating veteran Joe Rogan has come forward with his thoughts on the matter.

CM Punk first suffered a first round submission loss to Mickey Gall in his octagon debut. Two years later, the former professional wrestler stepped inside the octagon against fellow 0-1 fighter Mike Jackson for UFC 225.

However, Jackson put on a dominant performance over Punk and ultimately earned a unanimous decision win. Speaking on his podcast, as seen within the video provided above, Joe Rogan revealed his thoughts on Punk’s abilities inside the octagon.

“He’s a very nice guy and he’s a hard worker, but he does not have athletic talent,” Rogan said. “He’s missing… he’s a showman, and when he was in the WWE, he was allowed to say, ‘I am the f—ng man!’ And throw his hand up in the air and say he is the man, and they had it scripted so that he was the man”.

“He doesn’t have the ability to move his body right,” Rogan continued. “There’s a lot of guys you can take out there, track and field guys, football players and you can get them to fight better than him in a couple of weeks easily because they are athletes.”

“They’d understand how to shift their weight and throw a punch. He doesn’t have any talent, is all it is, he doesn’t have physical talent for whatever reason. Whether it’s his approach, his intensity. It’s not his coaching, it’s Duke-f—ng-Roufus.”

“If Mike Jackson went out there and just starched CM Punk with a right hand and a left hook combination and that was the end of it, they would say ‘well, CM Punk, you gave it a shot, that’s it, it’s over. Mike, who’d you like to fight next?’ Now, it’s like ‘No, you’re not even fighting in the UFC anymore because you should’ve stopped him.’

“He tickled him. He f—ng tickled him during the fight.”

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