Joe Rogan Finally Responds To That “dumb sh*t” Chael Sonnen Said About Him

Longtime UFC commentating veteran Joe Rogan commentated cage side for CM Punk’s big octagon return back at UFC 225. Punk went on to face another lopsided loss and faced a bevy of criticism over the matter. However, Chael Sonnen’s criticism was not with CM Punk. Rather, Sonnen’s criticism was with Rogan’s commentary over the night’s co-headliner.

Colby Covington earned the interim UFC welterweight title in the night’s event, having fought and talked his way to the title fight with his polarizing trash-talk. Chael Sonnen would go on to criticize Joe Rogan for claiming that Covington was making his classic polarizing statements to draw attention from fight fans.

As previously reported Sonnen stated:

“I was so upset with Joe Rogan. I was so upset with him. Joe has a history of doing this and I do not know why he does it. It is inappropriate and it is infuriating, but he has no ill intent. So, I am not mad at Joe.

“I called Joe yesterday. I called him to talk about this. The pay-per-view starts and Joe Rogan is covering Colby Covington. For reasons that are unknown to me and that I will never understand, he decides to say that Colby Covington has come out and said crazy things to garner attention and get your PPV money.

“To explain to you how wrong that was of Joe to do, I would need this entire show. First off captain obvious, you don’t ever disclose the business. You don’t ever turn on the business, when you’re in it.

“Any business. Business is not just about profits and losses. It is about maintaining information and company secrets. If Colby Covington is coming out and looking for attention so you’ll buy the pay-per-view, then god bless him.

“You are either a worker or you are a mark and if you are not smart enough to be a worker, then you’re a mark. But, a lot of people want to be one, myself included. I really enjoy that. Don’t ruin the show for me.”

Speaking on his own podcast, Joe Rogan has gone on to add is own thoughts on the situation. Retaliating at Sonnne, Rogan added:

“Chael Sonnen is mad that I talked about what he does. I go, ‘he’s having fun. He’s playing up the role of the villain and he’s selling pay-per-views.’ It’s so ridiculous.”

“It’s the dumbest sh*t of all time.”

Check it out within the video above.

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