Jorge Masvidal Just Exposed The Truth About Kamura Usman

UFC welterweight Kamaru Usman is riding a unanimous decision victory over Demian Maia at the moment. Now fellow division competitor Jorge Masvidal has come forward with a few words on the matter.

Kamaru Usman claims that he broke both of his hands in his fight against Demian Maia. However, Masvidal disagrees.

Masvidal is hunting for a new opponent following his unanimous decision loss to Stephen Thompson. Speaking to MMA Junkie, “Gamebred” revealed that he doubts Usman broke his hands in his last bout.

“That dude thinks he deserves a title shot beating Maia on two weeks’ notice. Awesome for you if that’s how you think.”

“It’s funny because Usman was calling me out saying I had ducked him. Basically, that’s calling me a coward. Now that I’m saying let’s fight, he doesn’t want to fight.

“I saw him at Colby’s fight – I thought he had two broken (hands). That guy has to be better than Wolverine because he didn’t have any cast on. So that dude is Super Marvel X. I don’t know what the (expletive) he’s made out of. You broke two hands, and you don’t have no cast on? Wow, bro. That’s super powers, for real.”

“It was (expletive) a snooze-fest. And I get it – Maia wasn’t in shape. Put this guy out of his misery. You’ve been training for a fight how long? Get this guy out of there, or at least try to. Just staring at him – this is the fight game. This is what it’s becoming. A bunch of loudmouth (expletive).”

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