Josh Barnett Releases Statement On Being Released By The UFC

Former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett was removed from the UFC roster yesterday without explanation.

As it turns out though, the former champion asked for his own release, following a 15 month arbitration with USADA, that saw him eventually clear his name of the accusations of using performance enhancing drugs,.

Now Barnett doesn’t trust USADA, therefore requested his UFC release.

In a statement made to ESPN he explained:

“It’s true that I have asked for my release, and we are discussing the terms now,” Barnett said. “Zuffa (parent company of the UFC) has been fantastic and above-board since I re-signed with the company (in 2013). Every promise made has been kept, and I have no disparaging words for them. After everything I went through with USADA, and my vindication in that case, I don’t feel comfortable giving the control necessary to USADA that would continue my career in the UFC.”