Lee Family Changes Tune, Willing To Cover Up Nazi Tattoo, Following Fan Outcry

UFC’s Andrea Lee has been making headlines as of late due to a series of pictures concerning Donny Aaron, Lee’s coach and husband. Now Andrea Lee has come forward with a statement on the matter.

Lee’s husband was recently revealed to have a swastika and an SS bolts tattoo on his arms. The Nazi Party affiliated symbols have since stirred up some controversy.

Aaron would go on to apologize for the incident, but claimed that he would not have the tattoos worked over or completely removed. Speaking on the Slip ‘n Dip podcast, Andrea Lee has since come forward to reveal that she and her husband are in talks of having the tattoos worked over.

“I took a picture with my husband and he has some embarrassing tattoos. He has a swastika on his arm. He’s normally careful about posting pictures but he posted our lake pictures on Twitter and people zoomed in on his tattoos and saw the swastika and they started commenting and posting hateful stuff. He saw it immediately and he was upset and I saw it and everybody was turning on me because he’s my husband and I’m standing next to him so obviously I must be a racist and a Nazi.

“When I met Donny, I asked him about the tattoos because I was curious as well and he told me his story and he was talking about how he changed. I even asked him why wouldn’t you cover them up? I felt the same way. Maybe you should cover them up but he says that it looks terrible already and it would just make it worse. I don’t know. I can’t make him do it. I can’t make him throw something on there.

“I swear to y’all that neither one of us are racist. He just had a bad past obviously. He got it on his arm. He didn’t mean to put all that out for everyone to see and he certainly doesn’t want to ruin my career.”

“Actually, him and I just had the talk earlier. We were discussing it, trying to find someone who could cover it up and maybe make it look good, make it not look trashier than it already is. We’re gonna talk about it and see what happens.”

“The UFC, we’ve talked to them to get everything smoothed over as well so I’m not gonna get cut, guys. I don’t see why they should cut me over someone else’s – I was like 12 when he got those tattoos. I didn’t even know who he was then and when I came into the picture he was a completely changed person he just has it on his body still there.”

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