Mike Jackson: ‘I Carried CM Punk For Three Rounds’

1-1 as a UFC fighter, the latest CM Punk killer Mike Jackson is making the most of his five minutes of fame, following his decision win over the world-renowned WWE star at last weekend’s UFC 225 event.

In his latest interview, the man now hated by UFC president Dana White explains that he carried CM Punk the whole 15 minutes, and why he chose to do that, instead of finish him.

Check it out: (via MMAJunkie.com)

“I didn’t know how many more fights I was going to have in the UFC, so I wanted to go out there and cook him – and that’s what I did. I got all 15 minutes, and good for him. I hope this is going to be his last fight, so I wanted to go out there and maximize his experience, as well, and give him the most time. I gave him the most time, as well.”

“People are savages, man. They want me to go out there and give this dude brain damage. I could have done a lot of damage to him, and I didn’t want to do that. I hit him, and he didn’t go out, and I was like, ‘All right, he’s a tough cat.’”

“So let me not hit him with those same kinds of shots anymore. I carried him for three rounds, and I cooked him. You saw his face. It looked like chopped beef in there.”