MMA Fighter Suspected In Murder-Suicide Case

As reported by, 28-year-old Gary Chu is currently suspected for the murder of 27-year-old Yee-min Huang within the New Taipei City in North Taiwan. Huang reportedly trained mixed martial arts during his time within the United States, where the fighter allegedly had a criminal record for bank robbery.

Reports claim that Yee-min Huang and Gary Chu met through the dating app Tinder. Huang’s remains were later found in several garbage bags just outside of Chu’s apartment building.

Chu earlier claimed through social media posts that Huang was “cheating” on him and that he felt “deceived and betrayed” about Huang allegedly lying about her virginity. Huang’s brother called the police upon reading the messages.

The authorities then found Huang’s remains, as well as Chu’s dead body hanging from a tree near the Ministry of Health and Welfare Hospital in Xinzhuang District. A suicide note was discovered near Chu’s body. The note read, “she wronged me.”

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