‘Rampage vs. Wanderlei IV To Be A One Round Fight’

Mixed martial arts veterans Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Wanderlei Silva are set to throw down for a fourth time, having garnered a long standing rivalry that has snared the attention of fight fans around the world. With that in mind, Silva’s coach Andre Dida believes the fight will not last long.

Silva and Jackson faced off twice under the Pride promotion, with Silva having earned a finish victory in each of their match ups. However, “Rampage” retaliated with a finish victory of his own when the two met inside the octagon of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Now Silva and Jackson are set to throw down for Bellator MMA on Sept. 29. Speaking on the matter, Andre Dida revealed that he believes Silva can finish “Rampage” within a single round.

“I think it’s a one-round fight. Wanderlei Silva’s hands are quick. We couldn’t show much against Sonnen, but when he did he knocked him down. Wanderlei’s timing is great, and I can get his best in the gym. Speed, knees, aggressiveness. ‘Rampage’s’ style favors us.”

“We’re doing everything to have him sharp for the fight. We also know ‘Rampage’ can try to wrestle him during the fight, but we have plenty of time to get him ready for all areas. Wanderlei Silva has heavy hands. He touches and the guy goes down.”

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