Shocking Video Of Till’s Vision Loosing Weight Cut Is Re-Uploaded One Day After Getting Deleted

This video needs to be seen. However, for some reason, whenever a UFC fighter uploads a video showing that they brought themselves to the brink of death to make the UFC’s official weight-limits, somehow the video always gets deleted.

Such is the case with Darren Till’s latest weight cut for his UFC Liverpool fight against Stephen Thompson.

Till missed weight ahead of the fight, after it was revealed his pregnant girlfriend was in the hospital’s emergency room during his cut.

The Liverpool native would go on to win his fight in the Sunday afternoon main event, but not before he lost his vision during one of the most brutal weight cuts we have ever seen.

This video sent the MMA community in an uproar yesterday, before it was deleted.

You can watch it now, in the video above.

Is it time to stop this practice?