Steven Seagal Busted Lying About Bruce Lee

Film star and seasoned martial artist Steven Seagal has put on an illustrious career in Hollywood. However, the action movie actor is now receiving some heated criticism following a few statements concerning popular culture icon Bruce Lee.

Seagal is a 7th-dan black belt of Aikido. Consequently, Seagal has earned a massive following in the martial arts world.

Of course, perhaps no martial artist has reached the legendary status of Bruce Lee. A films star in his own right, Lee went on to become a philosopher and the founder of his own martial art Jeet Kune Do.

While Bruce Lee passed away in 1973, Steven Seagal once claimed in an interview that his eldest son Kentaro Seagal was exactly the same age as Lee’s son. However, Seagal’s eldest son was not born until two years after Bruce Lee had passed away.

Beyond that, Seagal claimed that he spent some time with Bruce Lee before his passing. With Seagal having been a teenager at the time, few fight fans seem convinced by the story.

Check out the interview within the video provided above.

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