The UFC Just Offered King Artem Another Fight

Coming in off two straight losses and a controversial bus attack that saw him removed from his last fight on a day’s notice, Artem Lobov will get at least one more chance to prove he’s UFC worthy.

Lobov, a UFC featherweight most famously known for being Conor McGregor’s sidekick, was the entire reason McGregor attacked the UFC fighter bus in the first place.

Lobov was then seen attacking the bus alongside Conor.

With his lackluster record in the UFC, and his controversial handling of Team Khabib, many didn’t think Lobov would be invited back to the UFC.

But he was.

Ariel Helwani has it:

Couple nugs from today’s “Ariel & The Bad Guy” premiere episode:

*UFC still wants to be in the Artem Lobov business, sources say. They offered him a fight against Nad Narimani on 7/22 in Germany, but I’m told the offer was declined due to being too soon.