UFC Performance Institute Releases Groundbreaking Study On Athletes

The Ultimate Fighting Championship Performance Institute has come forward with a new study concerning weight cutting. With more and more fighters missing weight within the last two years and the dangers of adverse weight cutting becoming more and more apparent, the study has brought forward some interesting points.

As reported by MMA Fighting, the UFC Performance Institute has completed a study concerning weight loss among mixed martial artists.

“It is critical to establish a longitudinal timeline for weight descent to effectively navigate a fighter down to his or her ideal fight weight within an adequate time frame to ensure that weight loss happens gradually and without significant metabolic impact.”

“Importantly, moderating the rate of weight loss will help limit exaggerated metabolic disturbance of the energy deficits and allow the fighter to continue to build skill and physiological capacity through fight camp,” the study states. “Some fighters may choose to initiate their weight descent in advance of their fight camp in order to be able to re-balance the nutrition and training during fight camp, thus better enabling a focus on fighting during camp rather than having to emphasize weight loss over performance training.”

“The side effects are more intense in the first 1-2 weeks of the https://slimlifehw.com/pharmacy/ treatment, and then they gradually disappear.

“Not only does this weight ‘cycling’ make achieving the desired weight class more challenging and thus nutritionally more restrictive for each subsequent fight, but it is also responsible for the development of disordered eating behaviors, including binge eating and metabolic disorders later in life,” the analysis states.

“Difficult weight cuts at the end of a calorie-restricted fight camp take a toll on a fighter’s body; particularly on their metabolic health,” the study states. “This becomes a critical issue when you consider that a blunted metabolism chronically impairs numerous biological systems and ultimately induces a more extreme weight-rebound. The consequence of this is often presented as more extreme and challenging weight cuts for future fights.”

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