Watch A Very Happy Michael Bisping Take His Retirement Shot With The Boys

Mixed martial arts legend Michael Bisping has called an end to his career within the sport. Now the fighting phenom has come forward with a video of himself taking a shot for his retirement.

“The Count” has put on a storied career through the years. The England native won The Ultimate Fighter 3 while on the team of Tito Ortiz. Since then, Bisping has been taking the octagon by storm.

Michael Bisping would go on to earn the UFC middleweight title before the end of his illustrious career, having also set the UFC record for most victories earned within the octagon.

However, Bisping suffered two tough losses in his final octagon match ups. “The Count” was choked out by Georges St-Pierre back at UFC 217, bringing an end to Bisping’s middleweight title reign.

In his final octagon performance, less than a month after his fight against St-Pierre, Bisping suffered a knockout loss to Kelvin Gastelum. Bisping would later announce through his podcast Believe You Me the end of his MMA career.

Check out a video of Bisping drinking a shot to cheers his storied career up above.

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