Alexander Gustafsson Willing To Move Up To Heavyweight To Fight D.C.

Former UFC light heavyweight title challenger Alexander Gustafsson is currently looking to earn another shot at defeating reigning champion Daniel Cormier. With the newly crowned two-division champion seemingly having no interest in facing him, Gustafsson has come forward with a response.

Daniel Cormier knocked out Stipe Miocic in the first round at UFC 226 for the heavyweight title. Now D.C. is targeting a fight against former heavyweight title holder Brock Lesnar.

Speaking to, Alexander Gustafsson has come forward to reveal that he is willing to fight Cormier at heavyweight if necessary.

“It’s frustrating because he has something I want. He doesn’t come back down and face me and he’s keeping the belt. But at the same time, the hunt isn’t over. … I might continue chasing [DC]. If I need to move up to heavyweight to face him, I will.”

“It’s not fun and pretty ridiculous in my opinion. I don’t see the logic in this fight. It’s only a money fight [because] Brock has a big following from wrestling.

“I understand DC though. He wants to make money. It’s a better fight for his wallet, fighting Brock instead of going down to fight me. It’s a way bigger risk to fight me.”

“It’s funny, it’s clear he doesn’t want to face me. First of all, he is never coming back down to light heavyweight. He is struggling to stay at heavyweight. DC is a big boy, as tall as he is wide. I don’t think he will go down again. He loves food and loves to eat. To sacrifice so much with dieting and food and then going down to face me? I think I will have to move to heavyweight to get a piece of DC again.”

“DC is smart and he’s a big inspiration for me. Thirty-nine years old and two belts. I can’t really trash the guy and I can’t really have beef with him. I think he’s great in every way, it just sucks that he has my belt. Let’s see how we solve it.”

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