Alvarez Teammate Bans Marc Goddard From His UFC Fights, And Ref Grants His Wish

Mixed martial arts referee Marc Goddard has been receiving some serious heat for his calls at UFC on FOX 30 over the weekend. Following a steep criticism from UFC fighter Kamaru Usman, Goddard has merited a response.

Former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez landed an illegal 12-to-6 downward elbow on opponent Dustin Poirier in the second round of their highly anticipated rematch on Saturday. The two fought in the main event of UFC on FOX 30 on Saturday, July 28, in Calgary, Canada.

After the illegal blow, Goddard momentarily halted the fight and stood the fighters back up before once again allowing the bout to continue. Poirier went on to earn a stunning TKO victory over his opponent just moments later.

Taking to Twitter, in a message that has since been deleted, Kamaru Usman stated “F*ck that referee. I will not fight if that ref is calling my fight. He cost Eddie that fight smfh #UFcCalgary.”

Taking to Twitter, Marc Goddard later offered a message of his own. It would appear that the longtime referee has no problem staying outside the octagon for Usman’s fights.

“Mr Usman, I understand that emotion is a factor. Mr Alvarez held the fence, clawed the ear & then threw the 12-6 elbow that is why the positional advantage was taken away. As for your request, no problem that’s easily arranged. I wish you all the best in your career. Thank you.”

Of course, Usman has since come forward with a new message.

“Marc you’re not wrong. Obviously I’m overacting because that’s my brother Ed. There were a few questionable strikes on both ends. You still do a fine job as a ref.”

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