Anderson Silva Fires Back After Being Dissed By D.C., Declares Jon Jones The GOAT

Two-division UFC champion Daniel Cormier has crowned himself the greatest fighter of all time. After all, D.C. is now only the second competitor in UFC history to ever simultaneously hold multiple division titles.

Cormier has shown his approval of Georges St-Pierre and Demetrious Johnson being in the conversation for the possible GOAT. However, D.C. believes that Anderson Silva and Jon Jones have no place in the conversation because of their multiple failed drug tests.

USADA recently announced that Anderson Silvas recent drug test was caused by contaminated supplements. Speaking to CBS Sports, “The Spider” has since come forward with his thoughts on Cormier’s statements concerning his position in the GOAT conversation.

“So, it’s very interesting because I take the fight against Daniel [on two days’ notice at UFC 200 in 2016] and I had been training absolutely nothing for months and I had surgery already in my body and I took the fight in saving Daniel money because Jon Jones failed the test.

“But it’s very interesting Daniel talking about that because when you have problems, everybody has problems. When you talk about people, you need to be careful because you never know about your life. You never know about your future. I think Daniel is very lucky and completely lucky because never beating Jon Jones, of course, because Jon Jones in my opinion is the best fighter at 205 [pounds]. When I took the fight, Daniel didn’t do nothing. He was completely lucky.

“He was more lucky because I didn’t take the fight for five rounds and just three, and he don’t do nothing but just hit the ground and use his weight. Why are you talking? Why does Daniel talk? I respect, but Danny don’t have to talk about that because I’m very sad about that. That’s the first time I saw this news.

Anderson Silva then went on to declare that former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, Cormier’s greatest rival, is the best fighter.

“I respect Danny, but when he is talking about me and Jon Jones, he’s completely crazy because Jon Jones is the best fighter. I tried to make everything perfect inside the cage for my fans. I don’t know but it’s OK … this is Daniel Cormier.”

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