Chad Mendes Says It’s The Perfect Time To Return To The UFC’s Featherweight Ranks

Itching to get back in the driver seat and regain his spot atop the UFC’s featherweight division, Team Alpha Male’s Chad “Money” Mendes returns to action this weekend against Myles Jury, at UFC Fight Night 133.

Ahead of this weekend’s scrap, Mendes discussed the two year lay off, and return this weekend, with

Check it:

“As fighters, everybody has that mentality of just go, go, go and the same with the wrestling mentality. There were multiple times during my wrestling career where I probably should have sat out a weekend but it was always push, go, push, go. Same thing in the fight world. You get offered a fight, you take it. Especially as big a fight as it was with Frankie [Edgar]. I had just finished the Conor [McGregor] fight, which was a huge fight and it’s just tough to turn those things down.

“I probably should have taken a little more time. Nothing I can do about it now but move forward and try to learn from those experiences.”

“I was so frustrated with where I was, it was embarrassing as hell, I wasn’t trying to do anything, I was already taking a year off so I wasn’t even trying to fight it.”

“I think because I didn’t fight it, that pissed off a lot of people, too. Ultimately, it comes down to I am innocent and that’s why I’m not fighting it. I’m admitted yes I was taking this but I didn’t know what was in it. I just want to move forward and fight hard. I’m working my ass off. I’ve been putting in the time and the work to be a champion. I’m here doing what I’m supposed to do.”

“I’ve been able to let my body just rest and heal and recoup and it’s been great. I feel recharged and I feel excited to get back in there. I feel motivated in the gym. It’s been great.”

“I’m super excited to get back in there. Hopefully I win a fight or two and I’m right back where I left. I’ve got to focus on Myles right now. He’s a tough dude and that’s the task at hand.”

“I honestly believe a lot of these guys have their weaknesses and their weaknesses fall right into my strengths. I think it’s a perfect time for me to come back. Being able to take that time off and then coming back strong now, I think it’s just perfect timing for me. I’m just excited to start fighting these guys.”