CM Punk Killer Mike Jackson Talks Fan Hate Since UFC 225: “they’ve got to stop”

WWE superstar turned mixed martial artist CM Punk made his octagon return back at UFC 225. However, the former professional wrestler suffered another lopsided defeat.

Punk went toe-to-toe with fellow 0-1 fighter Mike Jackson in the WWE star’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Jackson ultimately earned a dominant unanimous decision victory over his opponent, though the fighter has since earned some serious heat over the matter.

Jackson received criticism from fight fans for seemingly being disinterested in finishing the fight and for appearing unmotivated throughout his performance. UFC President Dana White would go on to claim that Jackson should return to his former profession following the performance.

Speaking to MMA Junkie, Mike Jackson revealed things are still not great with Dana White.

“He’s still got me on timeout,” Jackson said. The fighter has recently claimed that he is interested in facing Artem Lobov. To that end, however, Dana White believes Lobov would “kill” Jackson.

“It’s not a knock on him,” Jackson said. “I don’t want to come off as it be disrespectful. I just think stylistically, it would be a fun and exciting fight.”

“For whatever reason, the Canadians want to fight me bad,” Jackson continued, revealing that he has received some serious fight call outs from angry fans. “I don’t get this anger and aggression toward me.”

“I sent the dude to the hospital,” Jackson stated, discussing his fight against CM Punk. “It was 30-26 on all scorecards. People called it a bad fight. I went back and watched the fight, even without commentary, and I was like, ‘This wasn’t a bad fight.’

“Now, there are some things I would have done a little differently, but the overall game plan would have been the same. All the people hating, they’ve got to stop.”

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