Colby Covington Reacts To Brazil Being Knocked Out Of World Cup Quarterfinals

Interim UFC welterweight champion Colby Covinton has drawn the ire of several fight fans and fighters as of late. Now the fighter has come forward with a new criticism concerning the World Cup semi-finals loss of Brazil’s national team.

Covington perhaps first cultivated controversy within the mixed martial arts world when he called Brazil a “dump” and the arena crowd “filthy animals” at UFC Sao Paulo back in 2017. Since then, Covington has expanded his trash-talking to any that cross his path.

Taking to Twitter, Covington has now decided to offer a slight to Brazil’s national soccer team for losing the World Cup semi-finals to Belgium 2 to 1. Check it out below:

“Rough month south of the equator huh? #brabel #nerdbash2018”

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