D.C. Calls For USADA To “Drug Test The Hell Out Of Brock Lesnar”

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier made UFC history over the weekend. Following his breathtaking octagon performance, the fighter had a scuffle with former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. Now D.C. has come forward with a few words on their upcoming match up.

Daniel Cormier moved up in weight on Saturday, July 7, to challenge UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic for his title. Cormier made short work of Miocic, ultimately earning a first round knockout victory.

D.C. quickly called out former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, a fighter now coming off of a year-long suspension for failing a drug test. Speaking at the UFC 226 Post-Fight Press Conference, Cormier revealed that he plans on having Lesnar tested as often as necessary for their big fight.

“Brock’s gotta be clean, man. I’m not gonna fight him if he’s not clean. We’ll do USADA testing and we’ll do other testing. We’ll do testing above USADA to make sure this man is clean. Cuz I’m not fighting him if he’s cheating, I’ve done that on a number of different occasions already. I don’t want to fight him if he’s dirty, man. Do it the right way.”

“You watch boxing, sometimes they do USADA testing and they do independent testing. And I just want him tested all the time. He’s gonna be getting tested, even if I have to pay for it. We’ll get him tested as often as we need to make sure he’s clean.”

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