D.C. Gets Roasted All Over Again, Double Champ Gets Told To Retire

UFC two-division champion Daniel Cormier recently accepted a call out from light heavyweight Corey Anderson. However, the fight acceptance has since caused a bit of fallout with another UFC fighter.

Taking to Twitter, Corey Anderson first made the call out.

“Yo @dc_mma , They said a win over me and Glover would earn a title shot..I beat em, media said you wanted Shogun and he lost, you told Gus off, and you already fought Volkan.. I’ll never “call you out” out of respect. But I’m 100% down to fight you. #UFC @ufc #letsdoit”

Daniel Cormier went on to accept the fight.

“Ok , sure just find out when and where. I’ll be there. I always am!”

Ilir Latifi then took to social media to fire a heated message at the champion.

“You don’t answer me after my call outs, but you answer Corey? I respected you for wanting money fights as your last fights, but not easier fights. A champ don’t act like that. You don’t want to fight me? Because you know it’s going to be hard.

“Don’t go out like a coward champ. Pride lives with you after your career ends. I have won 5 out of my last 6 with 3 finishes in the first round, Corey has 3 wins in his last 6 with 1 finish in his 11 last fights.

“Corey is not a money fight, just an easier fight than me.
@dc_mma Congrats to your WWE career.
You have to respect guys that fight the best as champs. So @jonnybones, when you get back, let’s do it!”

D.C. offered a heated response of his own.

“I’m not avoiding you can get it to. All of y’all. Tell me when and where bruh. I’ll come and whip ya”

However, Latifi has now come back with a brutal reaction. Check it out below.

“Where I’m from @dc_mma, when a man says something he keeps his word. This is not a Jon Jones beef kind of thing, knowing he can’t show up. I can and will show up, not for the money but for the belt, pride and honor. It’s time to retire and let someone else hold the belt.”

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