D.C.: ‘I’ve only lost to a guy who cheats’

Newly crowned UFC two-division champion Daniel Cormier made a massive statement over the weekend with his first round knockout victory over UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic. That being said, D.C. has now come forward with another statement.

Daniel Cormier earned the heavyweight title with a knockout win at UFC 226 on Saturday, July 7. Speaking with the UFC Tonight crew, D.C. recently decided to look back on the only loss in his UFC career. Cormier suffered a decision loss to Jon Jones, before having a knockout loss to Jones in their rematch overturned after Jones failed another drug test.

Speaking on the matter, Cormier said:

“I’ve lost two fights in my career, but I lost to a cheater. I can’t sugar coat it anymore. When I’m sitting up here in suits, I will be PC as it comes. But, right now I’m in my t-shirt and I’m a fighter. I lost to a cheater.”

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