Dana White’s Had Enough, Roasts Brendan Schaub Harder Than He’s Ever Roasted Anyone

Retired UFC heavyweight fighter Brendan Schaub is often kicking up dust on his podcast.

In his latest rendition of, ‘let me piss everyone off’, Schaub wound up drawing some serious criticism from UFC president Dana White, and we think this might be one of the worst roastings handed out by Dana White.

Schaub started things off by taking to his podcast, stating, “I think everybody is all high and mighty on these guys who come from kickboxing, boxing backgrounds. When they come over to the UFC, they expect them to be elite strikers. The distance, the combos, the head movement, the number of variables, it’s a completely different game, so to me that never translates.”

Which prompted Israel Adesanya to post the following in response:

Ssshhhh…? #ithinkyoudbesurprised

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UFC President then chimed in in the comments section and the roasting commenced.

“Such a f—kin tool!!!!” White commented. “What the f—k does this idiot know about the sport or the business??? @stylebender for u to be listening to one word from this MORON is a waste of ur time. Guy went 6-5 in the UFC!!! The only thing he could teach u is how to get KO’d. Tune idiots like this OUT.”

Ouch, right?