Fighter Fakes Heart Attack, Taps Out To Stop From Hurting His Idol Any Further

Mixed martial arts promotion Colosseum Combat recently hosted an interesting night of fights. Now one of the event’s most unorthodox stoppages is getting the attention of fight fans everywhere.

MMA veterans Travis Fulton and Jonathan Ivey went toe-to-toe at Colosseum Combat 45 recently, having faced off for the local crowd in a battle for division dominance. During the bout, Jonathan Ivey suddenly faked having a heart attack.

After sending his opponent to the canvas with a stunning blow and following up with some ground and pound, Ivey decided to pull the stunt and tap out rather than knockout out his adored idol.

Ivey reportedly even has a tattoo of Fulton on his leg, showing the fighter’s dedication to his fellow MMA veteran. Check it out within the video provided below:

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