Francis Ngannou Goes On Profanity Laced Tirade On Derrick Lewis

Former UFC heavyweight title challenger Francis Ngannou will be looking to bring himself back inside the winning column as he faces off against tough division contender Derrick Lewis. Now the talented knockout artist has come forward with some heated words concerning his upcoming opponent.

Ngannou and Lewis are set to throw down on the highly anticipated fight card of UFC 226. The live pay-per-view event will take place within the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nev.

Speaking to FloCombat, Francis Ngannou has decided to offer a few words on Derrick Lewis.

“I’m going to fight. Do you think I’m planning on going in there and be[ing] angry? Sometimes you might fight someone twice or three times in your life. You have the rest of your life after that. In your professional life, you have to deal with this but you don’t just get angry with people for nothing.

“I think what I have to keep in mind is this is only business. That’s it. We don’t have to like each other. So he’s been talking some shit and then I just don’t like someone that talks shit. I just want to step in the Octagon, fight, and shut the fu*k up.”

“Do I care? Nope. But you wouldn’t say that you’re ‘happy’ if there’s someone that’s always talking shit about you. So I mean, do you expect me to invite him to dinner, just to show that it doesn’t bother me?”

“This is one of the mistakes I made before, for my last [fight] I went there to hunt for the KO. That was something I never did before and it was a huge mistake. I kept winning by KO and in this fight, I couldn’t find it. I gave it all in the first looking for the KO and when I missed it, it became really hard.

“In this fight, I’m just looking to smash Derrick. Whatever happens, happens. I will not be scared to go to a decision. I won’t be scared of anything. I’ll take whatever the fight gives me.”

“Derrick, he’s a tough guy, but I just have to be prepared and have a good plan. It should not be that complicated to fight him. If I go there on point it will be really good.”

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