Francis Ngannou Lays Out His Advantages Over Derrick Lewis

Former UFC heavyweight title challenger Francis Ngannou is now gearing up to throw down with Derrick Lewis. In anticipation for the fight, Ngannou has come forward with a few words on the matter.

Ngannou is coming off of a lopsided unanimous decision loss to reigning champion Stipe Miocic at the moment. Now the fighter will be taking on “The Black Beast” on the highly anticipated fight card of UFC 226 on July 7.

Speaking to reporter Helen Yee, Francis Ngannou revealed his thoughts on his fight against Miocic and his strengths going into his next match up against Derrick Lewis.

“I collected a lot of experience and I learned a lot from that fight. This is something that would have happened anyway someday because my rise was very fast, so I jumped a lot of things. I didn’t discover somethings that would catch me later. At some point I can even say it’s the best thing that happened because if it didn’t happen in that fight, it might happen in the future. Now it happened this time. We take it, we learn it, we stand up, we move forward. That’s how life is.”

“What advantages do you think I have over Derrick Lewis? All of them. Of what you can imagine, I think I have all that over him. He said I knocked [Andrei] Arlovski out because he’s old — he was 37. Mark Hunt was 43 when he beat [Derrick Lewis]. Hunt made him quit. I think [Lewis] just doesn’t know what he’s saying.”

“I would just get my conditioning on point. What I’ve got already will be okay.”

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