Henry Cejudo Reveals The “Hell” He Has Gone Through In Preparation For Mighty Mouse Fight

UFC flyweight Henry Cejudo is now set for redemption. The Olympic athlete suffered a first round TKO loss to reigning champion Demetrious Johnson back in 2016.

Now “Mighty Mouse” and Cejudo are set to throw down in the co-main event of UFC 227 on Aug. 4, live on pay-per-view. Speaking to MMA Junkie, Henry Cejudo has decided to reveal many of the tribulations he has gone through in preparation for the match up.

“If I’m going to put my body through hell, if I’m going to hurt, I would rather do it on Demetrious Johnson. If I’m going to sacrifice my time, my body and everything, it’s on him. It’s been over two years since I fought him, and if I can’t get him now, when am I going to get him? This is why I’ve been so adamant about, ‘Give me Demetrious now.’”

“I’ve been spending months at a time in Brazil, in Europe, in Asia. It’s only helped me. The sacrifices have been done, and now it’s just time to display my heart in this sport.”

“I respect Demetrious Johnson to the fullest. I wouldn’t travel the world and find different training partners and coaches to help me defeat this man if I didn’t want to win. I’ve traveled to Brazil, Europe, Asia – all in preparation to defeat Demetrious Johnson, to defeat the pound-for-pound best fighter in history.”

“There’s not too many times in life do you get a chance at redemption. It’s a second opportunity that I’m able to have. I can’t pass it up. I’m 31 years old. I’m an elite athlete. I’ve been in MMA for about five-and-a-half years now. There’s no time to waste now. I’m a fighter now. I’m officially a mixed martial artist. I’m not a wrestler no more.”

“I’m seizing the opportunity. I’m smarter now. I’m faster. I’m more intelligent. The UFC and everybody sees my improvements, and they’re willing to give me a second chance. I was knocked out in my first fight. I was stopped in less than three minutes. Who would ever get a rematch getting put out like that? The way I see it is, there’s an opportunity for redemption.”

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