‘If we are all in prison, I’m being Jon Jones’ b*tch’

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has formed a controversial career over the years. The fighter has garnered serious success inside the octagon, placing “Bones” Jones in the conversation for possibly being one of the greatest fighters of all time.

That being said, Jones has also failed multiple drug tests and has had multiple run ins with the law. Speaking on his podcast Bellow The Belt, former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub has come forward with his thoughts on Jon Jones.

Schaub claimed that he believes Jon Jones’ skills inside the octagon were affected through performance enhancing drugs. To that end, Schaub reveaaled that he thinks Jon Jones is the best fighter today through “street rules.”

“We’re talking dark web, I’ve got Jon Jones all day. We’re talking street, I’ve got Jon Jones all day. We’re in prison, all the UFC fighters got arrested and I get to pick one person to… I guess be there b*tch and hold their pocket, it’s Jon Jones. I’m holding his pocket.

“I’m picking Jon Jones over everybody, including Brock Lesnar…everybody.”

Check it out below:

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