Israel Adesanya Commends Anderson Silva For His Career, Then Calls Out “The Spider”

Rising UFC star Israel Adesanya is on a crash course with the top of the promotion’s middleweight division. Now the fighter wants to take on MMA legend Anderson Silva.

Taking to Instagram, Adesanya has decided to call out “The Spider.” Check it out below:

“…or you guys want this fight instead?!
Yo for real…no bullshit, if not for @spiderandersonsilva I wouldn’t have looked at fighting from a different perspective. I was under the impression you gotta look like Paula to be a fighter. The Spider been fucking up muscled up beefcakes since ages ago as an lean aerodynamic man. He is still the g.o.a.t imo…

“With that being said…I want #alldashmoke ?. Just cuz I’m a fan don’t mean you can’t catch these hands…and feets. So yes I am down…will do it fih di culture of fighting! #babygoat #workuntilyouridolsbecomeyourrivals #enterthematrix #iwillattack #notakedownsipromise”

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