James Vick Opens Up On “human punching bag” Justin Gaethje

UFC lightweight James Vick is currently geared up to face Justin Gaethje at UFC Fight Night 135 on Aug. 25. Now the fighter has come forward with a few words on his opponent.

Speaking to MMA Junkie, Vick said:

“He’s a frickin’ human punching bag who’s padded his record against B-level competition outside of this organization, and then he comes into the UFC and gets his ass whooped. He’s not a No. 7-ranked fighter.

“I’ll give him credit. He’s a warrior. I understand why he’s a fan favorite. He puts on a show for the fans. He’s an exciting fighter. I like watching him fight. He has world-class heart. He’ll dig down deep, and he’ll fight. But he doesn’t have world-class skills. He doesn’t have world-class talent, and he’s a B-level fighter. The dude shouldn’t even be in the top 10.”

“This fight ain’t going 25 minutes, guys. He’s just going to come in and take his beating. This fight probably isn’t going to last two rounds.”

“I have all that, too. I just don’t have to be a punching bag. You’re going to see who’s going to break in this fight, and it’s going to be him.”

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