Joe Rogan Sides With Stipe, Says Miocic Deserves Immediate Rematch Against D.C.

Stipe Miocic suffered the end of his UFC heavyweight title reign at the hands of Daniel Cormier back at UFC 226. D.C. earned a first round knockout victory over the fighter.

Speaking on the JRE MMA Show, longtime UFC commentator Joe Rogan revealed that he believes Miocic deserves an immediate rematch against Cormier, despite Cormier’s decision to call out former champion Brock Lesnar instead.

“He should [get a rematch]. People are thinking, the guy wins more UFC title defenses than anybody on the history of the sport and becomes the most accomplished heavyweight of all time. Think about what he’s done. Think about the fact that he knocks out Fabricio Werdum to win the title, he knocks out Alistair Overeem to defend the title, he knocks out Junior dos Santos, beats Francis when everybody is terrified of Francis. He became the most accomplished heavyweight of all time. Then he gets knocked out by a crazy, perfect punch by Daniel Cormier in a perfect strategy.”

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