Khabib Warns The World That He’s Fighting Conor McGregor On Sight

With the rivalry between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov expected to come to a head sometime at the end of the year, Khabib hit the media rounds in Canada while the UFC was in Calgary.

Taking to Canada’s TSN, Khabib made it very clear that he’s still holding onto a grudge with Conor McGregor, stemming from that bus attack.

In the lengthy interview, Khabib stated that he will absolutely fight Conor McGregor the very next time he sees him.

Check it out:

“100% we’re going to fight. 100%. This is not about if we’re in a room or somewhere. 100% we’re going to fight. If I see this guy I’m going to fight with him. This is not my decision. This is not my problem. This is UFC’s problem.”

“If they’re going to put me and Conor inside a room, why they make fight? We can fight inside the room and that’s it. I can finish him.”

“I think room is a very bad idea for the UFC, and for Conor.”