Michael Bisping Details Recent Robbery, Reveals How He Reacted To Finding Those Responsible

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has come forward to reveal that a young individual allegedly entered his home and robbed the former title holder of several belongings. As seen within the video below, “The Count” has now come forward with details on the matter.

Check it out:

“My daughter had a gathering of friends at the house, not a party. It was like two or three of her friends and then some other kids showed up. Some older kids showed up. They all came into the house and they were trying to get rid of them and stuff. Some 18-year-old boys showed up and they didn’t want them in the house and they got rid of them, apparently.

“They left, but a short while later on Snap Chat these guys are showing all the stuff they robbed from the house. Stole all my watches, Rebecca’s jewelry…I have a very nice watch collection and they all got stolen. Rebecca’s purses, jewelry… things like that all got taken. They stole a lot of my shoes, for crying out loud.

“Apparently some of my daughter’s friends confronted him and got some of the stuff back. I’m on the phone and I’m driving back from Vegas a little pissed off, obviously, cause a lot of this stuff is still unaccounted for.

“I was like, get me this kid’s number. So I get his number and I call him up and he won’t pick up the phone. So then I sent him a message back and I said, “Look, listen, unless you want to go to jail… unless you want to deal with the police, I suggest you pick up the phone. You were man enough to come into my house and take my belongings. Be man enough to speak to me one on one, give me my sh*t back. I just wanted to speak to the guy. Believe it or not, I wanted to give him some advice.

“I wanted to let him know, ‘listen buddy, what are you doing? Get your sh*t together. You are going into people’s houses and stealing things. Apparently he comes from an affluent family as well, so he has no need. It’s not like he’s totally broke and comes from a really poor family.”

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