MMA Heads To Outer Space — For Real

It would appear that Astronomers have decided to bring some of mixed martial arts’ vernacular to the Jovian moons. This time around, vale tudo is getting a mention.

As reported by The Guardian, astronomers have discovered a dozen new moons orbiting Jupiter. However, one of those moons is orbiting in the opposite direction and is now seemingly on a collision course.

Astronomers rightfully named the moon “valetudo.” While the title is the name of Roman god Jupiter’s great-granddaughter. Vale tudo is also a Brazilian precursor to modern mixed martial arts.

Check out The Guardian’s original report of the incident down below:

“Astronomers describe the twelfth new Jovian moon as an ‘oddball’. Less than a kilometre wide, the tiny body circles Jupiter on a prograde orbit but at a distance that means it crosses the path of other moons hurtling towards it. Scientists have named the new moon Valetudo after the Roman god Jupiter’s great-granddaughter, the goddess of health and hygiene. But given the impending violence, it may be more than coincidence that Vale Tudo, which translates from Portuguese as “anything goes”, is an early form of full-contact mixed martial arts.”

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