MMA Promotion Announces “Stupidity stops here,” Stops All Weight Cutting

Weight cutting is a dangerous and often debilitating process for mixed martial artists. Now, however, it would appear that one mixed martial arts promotion has decided to try and circumvent the issue.

Battlefield Fighting League recently took to Facebook to announce that the promotion will soon be adopting a new practice. The promotion’s official weigh-ins will take place one hour before the scheduled bout.

Check it out below:

“Billy Morrison/Hugh gleason fight also cancelled (morrison weight cutting issue) starting #BFL57 we will be doing fight day weighins hour before the fight… fight at your walkaround weight no more weightcutting in BFL whatsoever…If you are higher than your agreed weight hour before your fight your oppoent can chose to fight you and they will take half your purse (if you are an amateur your fight will be cancelled) If you dont like the non weighcutting rules starting next card feel free to fight for any other promotion…. Stupidity stops here”

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