New Footage Emerges Of Bruce Lee Knocking Out A Renowned Karate Legend Skipper Mullins In Full Contact Match

It’s rare that an unseen Bruce Lee full contact fight video surfaces on our desk. These relics have long been thought to be all gone, or already released to the public.

Today though, we’ve discovered a new one.

In the video above, and unfortunately in low quality, Bruce Lee’s back is to cameras as he takes on an international Karate champion Skipper Mullins in a one-on-one full contact match.

Both men show flashes of speed and technique in the clip, but it’s martial arts legend Bruce Lee who lands one of his signature strikes to end the match.

Mullins is a U.S. Karate legend. He’s a seven-time world champion dubbed the best kicker in Karate history. He’s also inducted into the TKD H-O-F.

Fascinating watch. Enjoy!