Paige’s Fiance Is Willing To Take A UFC Fight A Week Before Their Wedding

UFC women’s flyweight Paige VanZant is a tough competitor on the roster of the world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion. Now VanZant’s fiance has come forward to reveal what he is willing to do to get a UFC contract.

Austin Vanderford, fiance to “12 Gauge,” competed against Angelo Trevino on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series in hopes of earning a UFC contract. Vanderford earned a second round submission victory over his opponent.

However, Vanderford was not awarded a contract with the promotion. Speaking to MMA Fighting revealed that he thoughts he would get a contract after the win.

“Yeah, I did. I knew the first fight was super impressive and we were in the same warmup area so I knew it went by quick, and I was pretty sure that Edmen was going to get a contract.

“But as the night went on, I thought for sure that Maycee was going to get a contract and I thought that if it went to a decision maybe that gave me a little bit better of a chance, but deep down I really thought I did enough to get the contract, but unfortunately it just didn’t go my way.”

Vanderford then revealed that he is willing to fight a week before his wedding with VanZant.

“I think what we are looking it is just the best scenarios coming up. Paige and I were just having a conversation, if God willing the UFC called and wanted me on a short-notice fight the weekend before our wedding, I’d take it.

“I’m a fighter and this is what I love to do. I literally have to have people tell me, ‘Hey, you gotta take a week off after this fight.’ Because I want to be back in the gym right now getting better and getting ready for the next fight.”

“I’m doing it. I’m taking the opportunity, 100 percent. No second thought. And the great thing is Paige is a fighter and is in the UFC and she understands and we both understand that and she supports me on that. No doubt.

“The heartbreaking part about this whole experience is this has been my lifelong dream to be in the UFC and this is what I want so much in life, and to have it right there in your hands and kind of have it taken away, it just hurts and it sucks, and it’s awesome to win and I’m happy about all that, but it’s kind of a bittersweet situation. So if I had the opportunity to do that, I’m taking it for sure.”

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