“Rowdy” Bec Elated She No Longer Has To Wear Clothes To Run, Here’s Why

Former UFC fighter turned bare-knuckle boxing phenom “Rowdy” Bec Rawlings has taken to the internet with another photo. This time around, the mixed martial arts veteran is getting some serious attention over social media.

Bec Rawlings blew the combat sports world away with her performance at the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship debut event back on June 2. The live pay-per-view made for the first state sanctioned bare-knuckle fight card since 1889.

Rawlings put on a dominant performance, earning a second round TKO victory over Alma Garcia. Taking to Twitter, Bec Rawlings has decided to post a photo of herself enjoying the fact that she can train her cardio in the comfort of her home.

Check it out below:

“Running is fun now i don’t i wear clothes #running #cardio #boxing #boxeo #lagueraloca #bareknucklefightingchampionship #bareknuckle #rowdybec”

Taking to Instagram, Rawlings doubled down on the message.

“Incline treadmill sprints at home, means I can run half naked without upsetting the general public #nopants #strengthandconditioning #endurance #cardio #sprints #running #nopantsparty #rowdybec #bareknucklefightingchampionship #bareknuckle #boxing #queenlife”

Here is a bonus collection of some of Rawlings’ other popular social media posts:

Got a lot of blood & it’s cold, they keep tryna get me for my soul. ?

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