Stephens Is Going To Chase Down Brian Ortega And Beat Him Up In Front Of His “Momma’s House”

Former UFC lightweight fighter Jeremy Stephens has turned into a bonafide contender in the UFC’s featherweight division, and he’s knocking on the door of a title shot.

Set to face Jose Aldo on July 28, Stephens was atop a short list to replace Max Holloway against Brian Ortega, and now he can’t get the fight off his mind.

Had Ortega accepted, the two would have fought last weekend, and now Stephens is hoping that the UFC pulls him out of the Aldo fight and puts up a strap for him and the #1 contender. He says he’s even willing to fight Brian Ortega in his “mama’s” front yard.

Check it out: (Via ESPN)

“I told Dana that I will go to that kid’s mama’s house in L.A. and fight him in his front yard. I’ll fight him August 4, why not? Jose Aldo lost two title fights, he is out. I’ve been in the sport 11 years, putting on dominant performances, why not give him to me right now? Let’s set it up for September 8.”

“This kid is ducking me. Whether I fight Jose or not, they can pull me off this card and I will fight this kid in L.A. on August 4. I will go to his backyard, fight him there and pull his gangster card. I saw on Embedded where he is talking about he used to show up to domes and bar fights where you look at a guy, you are the same weight and you fought. Well I don’t know if he was there with his little jiu-jitsu crew watching guys like me who actually stepped up and fought grown men when I was 16 years old and I wasn’t even supposed to be there. That was me, I was really living that type of life. I do this shit for fun, because I love it.”