‘The one time Jon Jones fought clean, he looked like sh*t’

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has had a controversial career over the years. Now former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub has come forward with a statement concerning the matter.

Jon Jones, to many fight fans, is within the conversation as possibly being one of the greatest fighters of all time. However, “Bones” Jones has also failed multiple drug tests.

Speaking on his podcast Bellow The Belt, Brendan Schaub reveals that he believes Jon Jones only octagon performance that can be proven as having been a clean fight without performance enhancing drugs was his match against Ovince Saint Preux.

Jones and OSP went toe-to-toe back in 2016, making for Jones’ first competition within the USADA testing pool. Jones ultimately earned a unanimous decision victory over his opponent.

Speaking on the matter, Schaub said:

“The one time we know, everyone in this room and all the listeners know, that we know for a fact that Jon Jones was clean was when he fought OSP (Ovince Saint Preux).”

“He looked like sh*t. He looked like a normal dude. He looked very normal.”

“The Jon Jones I know, the Jon Jones that was f**king girls and doing lines of cocaine would murk him in the first round. That’s not event a competition.”

“The only time that we know for a fact that he did not fail a drug test and that he was not on anything was his fight against OSP.”

Check it out within the video below:

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