UFC Boxing Rumors Stir as Striking Phenom Tyrone Spong Is Spotted at UFC Performance Institute

UFC President Dana White has been showing an interest in starting up a boxing promotion under the Zuffa banner for some time now. With that in mind, kickboxing phenom Tyrone Spong has since decided to pay the UFC Performance Institute a visit.

Tyrone Spong has taken on a collection of mixed martial arts fights during his career, but has made his name as a stunningly powerful pugilist. With rumors that the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s parent company Zuffa is intending to begin its own boxing promotion, it would appear that the company may have found a possible candidate for the squared circle.

Check it out below:

“Had to pay some old friends a visit! @danawhite #Tyrone #King #Spong #Suriname #Paramaribo #Native #Warrior #Champ #Grandchamp #Humble #Fighter #Boxing #UFC @marcos_gonzalez_law @aliabdelaziz000”

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