“Who told you That I retired?”

Mixed martial arts legend Vitor Belfort announced his retirement from the sport of MMA shortly after his recent knockout loss to fellow Brazil native Lyoto Machida. Now “The Phenom” has come forward with a new message.

Vitor Belfort has put on an illustrious career within the sport of MMA. A former UFC champion, Belfort has faced off against some of the sport’s toughest and most talented competitors.

Now Belfort has come forward with a few words over Instagram. Enjoying time away from the octagon, Belfort has decided to share a recent moment with his son.

Check it out below:

“Who told you That I retired ? I just had a championship round with a very ruff opponent @davibelfort before bed, I still have gas on the tank, and a lots of juice in my fruit. 4 -0 now bible time and sleep good night.”

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