And Another One… Over A Dozen Fighters Released From The UFC Roster This Month

UFC heavyweight Azunna Anyanwu failed a drug test back in 2017. Now just months away from eligibility to fight inside the octagon once again, it would appear that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has decided to release Anyanwu from his contract with the promotion.

Speaking to FloCombat, Azunna Anyanwu revealed the recent news.

Speaking on a message received by UFC matchmaker Mick Maynard, the fighter stated “He was like, ‘Unfortunately, we have to trim the roster down.'”

“I wrote him a message back, ‘It’s cool man. Stay blessed. I’m here if you need me if anything happens.'”

“I’m not in the USADA pool no more, which is a big stress relief. I’d take an aspirin or energy drink and they’d say not to take it. I’d get emails. I was like, ‘Wow.’ So, I’m kind of relieved on that.”

As previously reported, here is a list of the other fighters that have been released from their UFC contracts over the past 30 days.

Joe Soto
Joe Giannetti
Diego Rivas
Albert Morales
Mike Santiago
Eric Spicely
Damien Brown
Rob Wilkinson
James Bochnovic
Magnus Cedenblad
Oliver Enkamp
Marcel Fortuna
Vitor Miranda
Damian Grabowski

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