Angry Bar Owner Returns, Leaks Ali Abdelaziz’s Threatening Text Messages

The owner of New Jersey’s Rivolis Restaurant has been making headlines as of late. Now the heated individual has decided to leak the text messages he received from MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz.

A seemingly irate individual, later determined to be the owner of the previously mentioned restaurant and bar, recently took to Twitter with a heated video concerning Ali Abdelaziz. A signed cardboard cutout of former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar exists within the bar, as Edgar has reportedly acknowledged and approved of the cutout’s existence within the bar in the past.

However, the angered individual has gone on to claim that he received threatening messages from Frankie Edgar’s manager Ali Abdelaziz.

“After 3 years and endless likes by @FrankieEdgar this is what I get? @AlessandroGelke @MIKERUSSELLMMA @MarkCoachmark13”

The man later returned to Twitter to highlight his friendly position with the local police, in hopes of deterring Ali Abdelaziz from acting on any alleged threats.

“Good vs Evil @ newjerseystatepolice @LawEnforcement #threats @MIKERUSSELLMMA @AlessandroGelke @NewJerseyMMA @CSSRadio @TheMaximumPower @MiddleEasy”

The man later even offered a heated message to MMA media for not more prominently discussing the situation.

“All of you should be ashamed of yourself #aliact2mma #mmafa @MIKERUSSELLMMA @AlessandroGelke”

Now the individual has decided to leak the text messages received by Ali Abdelaziz, in which the MMA manager makes some rather heated statements. Check it out below.

“Here you go @FrankieEdgar that’s your manager. Imagine an agent in the NFL or MLB or NBA doing this @AlessandroGelke @MIKERUSSELLMMA #aliact2mma #mmafa”

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