Caught-On-Tape: Referee Marc Goddard Catches Two Criminals Stealing His Cars

Marc Goddard has been a referee within the world of mixed martial arts for many years now, having been the third man inside the octagon for countless UFC events. That being said, the MMA notable is now making headlines for an incident that took place outside of the cage.

Marc Goddard was allegedly recently the victim of grand theft auto. Taking to Facebook, Goddard has come forward to claim that his house was broken into and his vehicle as well as his wife’s vehicle were both stolen.

Check out the full story within the social media post down below.

“It’s with unspeakable thoughts, anger, rage and sadness – but I need help.

“I shared a status last week about my brothers wedding, whilst he spent time on a short honeymoon he was burgled and cars stolen.

“In the early hours of Monday morning this week my house was burgled – this is in no way related as we live on opposite ends of the city. A sick coincidence as these sick bastards operate everywhere.

“Two vermin RATS got into my house whilst my kids lay sleeping – around 5 am. They took the car keys to both mine and my wife’s car. Took mine first a Silver BMW 5 series M Sport and then came back for my wife’s a Grey Tiguan. Both 17 plates. This was from Thurloe Crescent, Rubery, off New Inns Lane.

“Please check the video and attached pic. One of the RATS wears a distinctly coloured bright blue jacket – drawn in the middle. The white van is NOT included or involved. The video shows them coming back for the second car and is in good light.

“I know for a fact that these RATS can be recognised, just by how they walk and what they wear. Do the right thing. Please speak to me by DM totally utterly in the strictest confidence, you have my word. Don’t wait till the scum do it you or a family member. Cash reward for the positive ID of these two RATS.

“They took things that are irreplaceable and hold a dear sentimental value to me, that can never be returned, my kids lay sleeping metres away. Do the right thing. I need names. Please share.”

It’s with unspeakable thoughts, anger, rage and sadness – but I need help. I shared a status last week about my…

Posted by Marc Goddard on Friday, August 24, 2018

Taking to Facebook once again, Marc Goddard has since posted a video of the alleged burglars apprehending one of his vehicles. Check it out below.

Posted by Marc Goddard on Friday, August 24, 2018

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