Dana White Confirms UFC’s Disinterest With GSP And His One Off Money Fights

Former two-division UFC champion Georges St-Pierre vacated his welterweight title following a close but successful title defense against Johny Hendricks back in 2013. For his big octagon return, the French-Canadian fighter knocked out Michael Bisping for the UFC middleweight title at UFC 217 back in 2017.

However, St-Pierre vacated the middleweight title after suffering a debilitating case of colitis. UFC President Dana White previously claimed that St-Pierre had a clause in his contract for the fight stating that the fighter would defend his middleweight title if he defeated “The Count.”

Following St-Pierre’s decision to vacate the title, it would appear that Dana White is no longer interested in seeing the fighter at any weight class other than his native 170 pounds. Speaking to BBC, Dana White recently came forward with his thoughts on the matter.

“I’m interested in Georges St-Pierre coming back at 170 [pounds]. Not at 155 pounds.”

“He was the 170-pound champion, he moved up to 185 pounds to take on Michael Bisping and put in his agreement that he would absolutely defend the title at 185 and then just dumped the title. I’m not interested.”

“Georges St-Pierre is looking for one off fights where he can make a lot of money, which it’s smart, that’s what he should do but we’re not interested in that.”

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