Dillashaw Ridicules Gervonta Davis, And Davis’ Dad In Offer For One Round UFC Fight

UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw succesfully defended his title back at UFC 227. Following the victorious performance, super featherweight boxing world champion Gervonta Davis revealed that he wants to fight Dillashaw inside the cage.

Dillashaw and Davis have since entered a heated war of words over social media. Most recently, Dillashaw poked fun of Davis for his position under Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s management team. Check it out below.


“I will whip ya ass”

“Come on over then. Ask daddy Mayweather for permission and come sign a one fight contract then. Actually, no need for a one fight contract, just sign a one round contract. That’s all I need.”

Here is how the Twitter war all started:

“I wanna fight the dude that fought Cody yesterday”


“How do I get my L’s in MMA?”

“Bring it! I heard they were handing out belts after Loma left your division”

“Is this really you tweeting or it’s ya hoe John that tweet for you and loma”

“You wish it was someone else tweeting for me because you know you just put your foot in your mouth.”

“If he dares to step in the octagon I would love to show him how my shin taste! Think he’s a over rated boxer as well with that padded record and I beat him in the ring. @Gervontaa I ain’t scared”

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