Donald Trump To Be Focus Of Upcoming UFC Funded Documentary

UFC President Dana White has seemingly had a relationship with President Donald Trump for quite some time. Now it would appear that the U.S. President will be the focus of a new documentary funded by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

The UFC is currently shooting 25 short documentaries with 25 different directors, each dedicated to telling the story of the world’s largest mixed martial arts promotion.

Speaking on UFC Unfiltered, Dana White recently revealed that President Trump will be the focus of a particular episode.

“President Trump has always been great to me. He’s always, he’s a big fan of the UFC. I brought [Colby Covington] in and they talked, they took pictures, he signed his hat for him, and it was fun.

“Then from there, we’re doing, it’s the 25th anniversary of the UFC, and, we’re doing 25 documentaries with 25 badass directors for the 25th anniversary and one of them is the story of how President Trump let us come to the Taj for the first fight and he and I went to the residence after that, and he and I both shot for the documentary.”

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