Eddie Alvarez No Longer Signed To The UFC, Dana White Encourages Him To Explore Free Agency

Apparently, when Eddie Alvarez took on Dustin Poirier in the recent UFC on FOX main event, it was his last fight on his UFC deal.

Now, without a contract, the former UFC lightweight champion is in rare space, forced to renegotiate with the UFC coming off a loss.

Fighters will often gamble with their contracts, trying to get that one final win in so they can justify a pay bump. Rarely though, a fighter will take this gamble and lose, making their value plummet right before it’s time to negotiate new terms.

In a new interview with the official UFC podcast, UFC Unfiltered, UFC president Dana White confirmed that Eddie is no longer under UFC contract, and encouraged the fighter to go out and find a better deal.

Check it:

“I like Eddie Alvarez. I like him personally and I like him professionally. He’s at an age now where he needs to make some decisions for his family in what will probably be the last contract that he signs for the rest of his career. You know, I’m going to place, if Eddie wants to go somewhere else then I’m cool with that, but if Eddie wants to stay I’d keep him here too. I told him that. I told him ‘look, if you want to finish your career here with me then I’d like that, and if you want to finsih your career elsewhere with someone else, then I have no problem with that either man.”

“When guys get to the point that it’s the last contract that they will ever sign, I understand. At the end of the day, what we’re looking for here are young guys that want to be champions. Young guys that believe they can be a champion in the UFC, or girls. If you feel that you can’t be and if you feel that there’s better decisions you can make at this point in your career for the last contract that you will ever sign, I absolutely understand that.”

Should Eddie go find a better deal, or stick it out with the UFC?